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Karno Energy: Building services consultants

Three dimensional (3D) modeling is increasingly used by https://karnoenergy.com/building-services-engineering/ in the design of construction projects. Increases in the computing power and speed of computers available, as well as improvements in available software (such as Plaxis and GeoSlope) mean that differences in cost, calculation time and options compared to conventional 2D calculations are becoming smaller and smaller.

Karno Energy: What does this mean for you?

Karno Energy’s so-called three dimensional finite element models (FEM) offer the big advantage of omitting the conservative assumptions that are often required in 2D models. Thus, an investment in 3D calculation can make money because foundation and/or excavation design can be optimized through more realistic consideration and a better understanding of deformation behavior. In addition, the risk profile can also be better identified and controlled.

This is especially true for foundations that may affect each other and where differential deformations may occur under asymmetric conditions and/or where large differences in foundation loads occur locally.

While a quay wall or road (highway) can be modeled as a linear element (2D), a cofferdam is a structure that must be considered in 3D because of angular effects. The force and deformation behavior in the corners of the lintel is different than in the middle. This has implications for stamping and anchoring as well as environmental effects in relation to neighboring buildings. For example, neighboring buildings or cables and pipes will deform less in these corners because of the greater stiffness of the lintel.

Karno Energy specializes in performing 3D calculations using PLAXIS and has extensive experience in performing these calculations, particularly for the following projects.

Karno Energy: Expert advice for your building projects

If you’re about to start a construction project, you can always use good advice. At Karno Energy we are always ready to start work on a new project, or give advice on renovating or transforming an existing building project. We at Karno Energy advise on building projects based on years of experience in design and real estate development. We consult on building projects and have years of experience in the field. We at Karno Energy are happy to use them to give you the best advice you can get.

Karno Energy: Getting Started with a Construction Project Consultant

There are several types of construction projects from Karno Energy that we can help you with. Do you have a new construction project in the works? Then let us work with you to think about its design and development. We’ve helped create a large number of these types of projects or even contributed to the construction and implementation. But you are also in the right place to transform a building site or area. Finally, you can also contact us about renovations. We are happy to help you improve an existing building or make it usable again.

Karno Energy: Contact a Construction Project Consultant

As a building project consultant, we at Karno Energy would like to get in touch with you. When we sit down with you, we can look together at how we are going to succeed with a particular building project. We’ll help you with the design and develop a design that you can rely on. Want to know more about it? Then just contact us. You can also quickly request a quote through our website. Based on that and we’ll talk further!

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