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Special offer

We would like to  offer you accommodation with special prices in these terms. We are looking forward to your visit.

Your students have one unmistakable favorable position over the greater part of the experts we work with. They are taking a propelled structure course that spotlights on the writing they are doing now and will do at work. The vast majority we meet in our workshops and as customers have had no preparation in writing after Freshman Composition. They were caught off guard for the particular writing undertakings that they have in their employments. They were additionally using australian writing services and caught off guard for the measure of writing and the assortment of writing that they should do — and for the significance of writing as a standard for advancement and achievement in their employments. You may find that you can build your students’ enthusiasm for the course on the off chance that you start by having the students look at the job that writing plays in their own lives now and in the lives of experts in their significant field.

Sgl 700 Kč, 25 Eur
Dbl 1200 Kč, 45 Eur
Tpl 1800 Kč, 66 Eur

Sgl 900 Kč, 33 Eur
Dbl 1600 Kč, 60 Eur
Tpl 2000 Kč, 74 Eur
Quad 2300 Kč, 84 Eur

Price including breakfast


15.08. – 17.08.2016

21.08. – 23.08.2016

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