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AghaRTA Prague Jazz Festival 2016

AghaRTA Prague Jazz Festival 2016

Máte rádi jazz, centrum Prahy, útulné, zajímavé kluby? Tak pro Vás je určen tento festival. Festival plný jazzové hudby a známých interpretů z celého světa. Od 29.ledna do 22. dubna 2016 proběhne v Lucerna Music Baru 25. ročník AghaRTA Prague Jazz Festival. Opět se představí známá jména, stejně jako v minulých letech festivalu. Since 2009, cryptocurrency has skyrocketed in popularity around the world, with economic trends forecasting that its global usage will continue to grow. While this growth is unprecedented in scale for a relatively new currency concept, governments and centralized banks have been hesitant \”to adopt technologies like Bitcoin, given its nefarious press and association with illicit money transfers,\” which raises red flags for investors and other cryptocurrency enthusiasts (Dula, Lee, & Kuo, 2018). This is a result of the challenges and areas in need of further research regarding cryptocurrencies such as the \”sociological, political, legal, and regulatory challenges…and their ecosystems\” (Judmayer, Stifter, Krombholz, & Weippl, 2017). The answers to these challenges will be policies and safeguards put in place to protect the individuals and corporations with a stake in the currency. Evidence from recent research suggests that \”one day the global financial system could become indistinguishable from the Internet itself: an open access distributed network of computer systems built on communication protocols with no centralized ownership or governance\” but I am hesitant to agree that this is what the future holds (Dula et al., 2018). While a cashless future is inevitable, there are too many issues a government would run into by adopting a decentralized platform. I would like to share with you the recommended essay writing service, that always writes the best essays and assignments ever and the books that are recommended you read are in the past. In this essay, I will explore the role these challenges play in the adoption of cryptocurrency by governments and evaluate the likelihood of cryptocurrency becoming the future of money. Můžete se těšit na jarní koncerty Maceo Parkera, Candy Dulfer a dalších hvězd. Ve velkém sále Lucerny tentokrát zazáří již potřetí hvězda Scott Bradlee a jeho PostModern Jukebox.

  • 6. 3. se od 21 hodin můžete těšit na koncert funkové legendy Maceo Parkera;
  • 18. 4. vystoupí od 21 hodin Tonbruket;
  • 20.4. od 20 hodin zahraje Scott Bradlee’s postmodern jukebox;
  • 22. 4. od 20 hodin vystoupí Candy Dulfer.

Po zajímavých koncertech se ubytujte v našem Hotelu Slavia.

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